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T&Cs (The Boring Bits)

Putting the pub up

  1. The Inflatable Pub / Bar MUST be placed on a LEVEL surface.

  2. It is the responsibility of The Hirer to ensure that the area where the pub is to be inflated MUST be free of all obstructions, both on the ground and alongside. Branches overhanging from trees must be cut back. If the bar/pub is likely to be obstructed, cannot gain access or cause an obstruction it will not be put up and unfortunately you will still be charged the full price.

  3. The Pub / Bar can be placed on the following surfaces: grass, flat beveled paving stones, tarmac, firm sand and tennis courts.

  4. The Pub / Bar needs to be secured to the ground once inflated so please consider this when thinking where to place it. It is secured using pegs in the ground. On solid surfaces we will use water weights.

  5. In the event of it being too windy to operate the pub safely the booking will be cancelled and all money (including deposit) will be refunded.

  6. The Pub / Bar must have access to a reliable electric source, as the inflatable blowers will be running through the duration of your event. Hotels, Pubs, Community centres etc. should have no problem with this.

  7. We would ask that the Pub / Bar is to be kept inflated at all times throughout the duration of the event period and then deflated once the event is over.

  8. The Inflatable Pub remains the responsibility of The Hirer for the duration of the event. In the event of damage the hirer will be liable to compensate Inflatable Pubs for the repair or replacement of the damaged item.

  9. Your deposit is non-refundable apart from as outlined in T&C 5 above.

  10. There may be extra charges for bank holidays/peak times.

  11. Rental time for your convenience is 24hrs 10am to 10am (approx) for Saturday night events.

  12. Rental price is for 24hrs or any part thereof.

  13. For public events and for events where the pub is required overnight the pub must be in a secure place.

  14. By hiring the Pub you automatically agree to all of these terms and conditions.

  15. After reading all of the above, The Hirer still promises to have an amazingly good time and not worry!